28 Eggellent Easter Egg Decoration Ideas

We all know the easter egg decoration game can get competitive – at least in our family – but do not thread. This year you will blow your kids, friends and guests minds as I’ll help you take your egg decoration game to the next level with one of these incredibly cool and impressive ideas. There’s something for each level from beginners to craft-professionals and taste from minimal to color & glitter balooza. But remember that the most important ingredient is fun – besides eggs of course 😉

Glitter Dipped Died Easter Eggs  ×  Floral Wreath Crowned Easter Eggs

Feathered Easter Eggs  ×  Black&White Patterned Easter Egg

Pantone Easter Eggs  ×  Nailpolish Marbled Easter Eggs

Sharpie Decorated Easter Eggs  ×  Copper Easter Eggs

Emoji Easter Eggs  ×  Mood Easter Eggs

Hand Drawn Bunny Easter Eggs  ×  Watercolor Flower Easter Eggs

Marbled Easter Eggs  ×  Gold Leaf Easter Eggs

Confetti Dipped Easter Eggs  ×  Marbled Indigo Easter Eggs

Sprinkle Easter Eggs  ×  Decoupage Easter Eggs

Calligraphed Easter Eggs  ×  Ice Cream Cone Easter Egg

Galaxy Easter Eggs  ×  Sprinkle Easter Eggs

Book Quote Easter Eggs  ×  Herbs & Flora Decorated Easter Eggs

Unicorn Easter Eggs  ×  Watercolor Floral Easter Eggs

Illustrated Easter Eggs  ×  Paint Splattered Easter Eggs



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