Design & Paper wishes you Happy Women’s Day!


Today marks the International Women’s Day and we at Design & Paper believe that every woman deserves a flower on this special day! Why not make a bunch of colorful paper flowers for your mum, girlfriend, BFF, work colleague or neighbour?

To make your own paper flower, follow these easy steps below.

It’s simple and you can make one in 5 minutes! All you need is some low gsm paper of your liking, scissors, tape and some sort of stick for the stem. I used pages of fashion magazines, because they are printed on extremely light paper and I always have old magazines lying around (and no real use for them) witch have a ton of colorful ads inside. So why not put them into use! Of course you can use different paper, we at the office also made some flowers of IQ color, 80 gsm (see the last photo). I also used some small pieces of wood from the yard as stems.


Step 1.
Fold the paper in half, and then the sides again in half. If you want to emphasize one side of the paper, keep that on the inside on the first fold.


Step 2.
With the folds facing up cut along the strip, do not cut all the way down leave at least a centimetre uncut.


Step 3.
Once it’s all cut, take your stick (you can even use barbecue sticks, anything you find handy) and tape the end of your cut paper strip to it (depending on whether your right or left handed it will feel better to roll in a certain direction, it might just take trial and error to find the best rolling direction).


Step 4.
Roll the strip round the stick, keep the tension tight and the angle straight as you roll and pushing it up to form a nice rounded flower head. When done, fasten the end of the paper with a piece of tape all around the stem.



They are so fast to make you can have a whole bunch made in 15 minutes! Play with different colors, I fell in love with the blue ones, they look amazing against the bluish Finnish sunset on a cold March afternoon!

Happy Women’s Day to everyone!


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