DIY Dip Dyed Easter Eggs

It’s time to get eggy! My favorite Easter tradition is, and has always been, the painting of the Easter eggs. This year I wanted to try something a bit different and decided to get my hands wet with one of the biggest trends of the moment, the dip dye. The color-blocked pastel eggs turned out great and perfectly fit the spirit of Easter. Start dipping!dipdyeegg-main

When I was a kid it might have been more about the fact that it’s one of the only times of the year you are allowed to play with your food, to some extent. But still, to this day, I find it fun and somewhat relaxing. Coming up with new techniques and styles each year is challenging – what to do with the small little white egg this year?

Always a fan of minimalism as well as trying out new things, I decided to get my fingers wet with dip dying this year. And let me tell you, it is so easy and hassle free it’s hard to believe. You can keep it as minimal as you want or go as extravagant as you wish. I tried three different colors, simply making the dipping in different angles so the colored surface varies in each egg. You can also try multi-dipping to make two or even three toned eggs, gradual dipping to give it a more gradient coloring or, of course, dipping the whole egg into the colored water.

This is something that you can definitely do with the kids, if you are not afraid of their little hands getting wet. The colored water is nontoxic and can be easily cleaned off.

What you need:
Coloring tablets, you can find these at most supermarkets and craft stores. They are specially made for this and only contain lactose and food coloring ingredients. A few cups, water and of course white eggs.

dipdyeeggs dipdyeeggs1
What you’ll do:
1. Choose your colors. Add water to some plastic cups, and mix the coloring tablets in. Add a splash of vinegar to the water, it helps the color to stick to the egg shell. *It’s easier if you only fill the cups with water, half of the height of the eggs. This way when you are dipping, you’ll just keep them standing instead of holding them.

dipdyeeggs22. Start dipping! This is the part you should be having fun with, be creative! Try different times, angles and color variations. If you want clean lines, hold the egg in the water with your fingers, as steady as you can. Let it soak for 2-3 minutes, check when you get the color you want. Double dipping is totally acceptable!
*The longer you hold the egg in the water the deeper the color will be. I got mine light pastel shades with checking the shade every 30 seconds.

dipdyeegg53. When the color is what you want, lift the egg up and use a piece of soft paper to dap off the excess water. This way you make sure there is no running lines. Dry it off with the colored side up. It should be dry within minutes.

And that’s it! See how easy it was!


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