Inspiration + Paper = Mirage

“Summer afternoon – summer afternoon; to me, those had always been the two most beautiful words in the English language.” – words by Henry James I’ve come to agree with. From salty sea breeze air to the sand between your toes, the cooling feeling under your feet of a marble floor to the glittering shimmer on your sun-kissed skin – these are senses and tones of a summer afternoon to me. Whether you’re spending your days lounging under a shading tree,  packing for a weekend wedding in the countryside, or pacing the streets of a scorched metropolis where the air distorts the view from a hot air rising from the asphalt under your feet, I hope you can find inspiration and beauty in the images below.

Inspired by the previous Inspiration + Paper = Greenery post and the current heat wave that has gulped the city of Vienna in its embrace I put together a mood board that combines all the colors and shades that surround us, matched with equally beautiful papers.

inspiration + Marmor Marble White Paper

inspiration + Galaxy Metallic Pearl White

inspirationGmund Stone Quarz

inspirationTwill Ivory

inspiration + IQ Color Oyster Grey

inspiration + Crush Grape

inspiration + SH Recycling Grey

inspiration + IQ Cream Red

inspiration + Remake Sand

inspiration + Galaxy Gold


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