Inspiration + Paper = Wedding Bouquet

We’re full swing into the wedding season by now, as many choose to celebrate their special day during the summer months, among the blooming flowers and warming rays of sunshine. Planning a wedding is no easy task, and one of the major decisions come when choosing an overall style and the color palette for decorations, invitations, and so on. To help make the tough decision, you can find inspiration from anything; the venue, the dress or simply choosing the bride and grooms favorite color combination. But one way to tackle the task is to gather together your most cherished and beloved flowers, build a wedding bouquet of them, and use the colors found within it.

To have a cohesive style to a wedding, and to give the guest a little taste of the event to come, the wedding invitation or save-the-date cards are often matched with the overall color palette of the affair. But additional to the color, the texture, weight, and feel of the paper is important – as they say – the devil is in the details. 

Matching beautiful papers with wedding bouquets

Inspired by all the blooming flowers and beautiful papers,  I’ve put together a collection of exquisite, vibrant papers, and matched them with photographs of the most stunning and extravagant wedding bouquets of the season. Each of the six bouquets has its own unique style, ranging from an explosion of color to more delicate muted tones and a classic, elegant, all-white option. One for each taste and style. 

Color Explosion Bouquet

© Flowernifty

Fluo Poster Pink 
Color Style Smooth Cherry Red 
Gmund Leather Tangerine 
Color Style Smooth Red Wine
IQ Color Mustard 
Color Style Smooth Spring Green 
Color Style Copper Orange 
IQ Color Orange 
IQ Color Pink 

Vintage Dream Bouquet


Color Style Pastel Pink
Crush Kiwi
Glamour Cream
Glamour Blush
Glamour Champagne
Esprit de Nature Ocre

Forever In Style Bouquet

© Helen Sims Flowers

Color Style Vibrant Coral
Color Style Copper Orange
Color Style  Ivy Green
IQ Color  Medium Green
IQ Color Dark blue

Elegant Bouquet


Pur Coton Cocaine
Color Style Jungle Green
Enduro Ice
IQ Color Yellow
Crush Kiwi

Extravagance Bouquet


Crush Lavander
IQ Color Lavander
IQ Color Blue
Cromatico Turquoise
Esprit de Nature Sienne
IQ Color Lavander
Color Style Pastel Blue

White Bouquet


Munken Kristall
Pergraphica® Natural Rough
Twill Bright White
Via Felt Pure White
Via Laid Pure white
Gmund Stone Quarz

All Papers are available at Europapier.


Images – right side © Design & Paper

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