PACKTIVITY3 – Serbian Packaging Design

Last week the best Serbian packaging designs in 2012/13 were selected at PACKTIVITY3 in Belgrade. Timelessness and sustainability of design were among the most important selection criteria for the jury headed by Wolfgang Niederl of Moodley Brand Identity. Our correspondent Ana Dragic checked out the event and the award-winning designs for us.

Organized by, Packtivity is not only a competition for the best Serbian packaging design but also a conference on sustainability, functionality, and aesthetics of packaging. The conference was attended by renowned designers such as Wolfgang Niederl of Graz and Vienna based agency Moodley Brand Identity, Laura Steiner from Landor Associates Hamburg as well as Igor Manasteriotti and Mia Maric of Croatian design studio Manasteriotti∞Maric.

After the panel discussions, the jury awarded the sought-after Packtivity awards. Check out the winners below:Supernatural Caj

Packtivity Award in the category FOOD: SUPERNATURAL ČAJ (Supernatural Tea), Citizens Association Supernatural, creative solution by Nenad Radojcic.Perun

Packtivity Award in the category DRINKS: PERUN RAKIJE (brandy), Perun Distilleries, design by Coba & associates.Sofi

Packtivity Award in the category CHEMISTRY COSMETICS: SOFI line, SZR Sofi, design by Peter Gregson Studio.Proofnice

Packtivity Award in the category OTHER: POOFNICE shoes for babies, by Vladimir Obradovic.scent library

Packtivity Award in the category LUXURY GOODS: SCENT LIBRARY – DISCOVERY SET, by Dragan Loncar.basket

GRAND PRIX for best packaging design in Serbia in 2012/13: BASKET, Basket from Golubinci, creative solution by Peter Gregson Studio.

Jury chairman Wolfgang Niederl explained the decision as follows: “This design can last forever. And that’s the story about the sustainability of design, not just material. On the other hand, I understand at a glance what’s in the boxes. Finally, it is a product that really puts a smile on your face.”

PufnaGRAND PRIX for best packaging design in Serbia in 2012/13 (retained): Pufne, by Jelena Lucic.Integrino

GRAND PRIX for best supermarket packaging in Serbia 2012 /13: Integrino biscuits, design by Unibrand Communications.


Congratulations to all the winners!

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