Meet Sonja Popovic aka Pops Art

After a busy wedding season we managed to steal some time of one of our favourite wedding invitation designers: Sonja Popovic aka Pops Art. The Milan based creative puts time and effort in creating the perfect design for each client, highlighting their personalities and the theme of the wedding. She belives the kind of paper used is the most important decision in the process, and we could not agree with her more!

Can you briefly introduce yourself and tell us what you do?
Hello. I am a graphic designer originaly from Banja Luka, Bosnia & Herzegovina, and currently living in Milan. After studying Interior design in this city I ‘switched’ to graphics where I can express my passion for drawings and colours easily.
How would you describe your style, what inspires you? I don’t think that I have a certain style (yet). What I like are very detailed things, drawings and objects. Everything that demands a lot of work and makes you wonder how it started. Great inspiration is nature in any shape. Then when you also add colors it becomes much more interesting.

You design beautiful personalized wedding invitations under the brand Pops Art. Can you explain the process that goes into designing a unique set of wedding invitations?
A wedding is a beautiful thing and every detail should be taken into consideration. An invitation gives you a preview of the theme or the type of ceremony you are gonna attend. So the design should be picked very carefully… and the paper too. It is maybe the most important step to choose the right paper that makes your invitation so unique and complete (together with the chosen text and little details).

What is very trendy at the moment when it comes to wedding invitations?
It depends on a lot of thing. Those trends do change from country to country…even between cities and regions. I think that romantic and handmade invitations are on the very top. Something that is made especially for you. With full attention to detail and quality.

Will people still send out printed invitations in 2070?
I really hope so. Only printed invitaions can bring you the excitement while you are opening it. Every time i get one I have to see it from every angle, feel the surface, flip it and then read it again. It is the proof that you are invited to be a part of someone’s special day. 🙂

Which are your favorite printing and finishing techniques?
I like to combine printing and handrawing afterwards. This way I add something extra to every invitation.

Do you design your own typography or do you use ready-made fonts? Both. If it is ready-made then it has to be modified at least a little bit to fit certain graphic needs.
Why did you choose to move to Milan?
Eleven years ago I moved to Milan to study. Today it is my home and a place where i feel very creative.

Plans, hopes and dreams for the future?
The biggest dream is to create fine graphic designs for different surfaces (paper, textile) that captivate other peoples eyes.
Thank you Sonja for taking the time to talk to us about your work, inspirations and our shared love towards paper!

Images via Pops Art

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