A Dozen Terrific Typography Designs

Lately, we’ve been crazy about all things typo, and as we’ve come across so many incredibly innovative design, we just had to select our favorites for you all to marvel on. All the following designs are made by artists, photographers, illustrators and design students all across the world, hand selected by our Design & Paper team. 

Typography comes in so many forms and shapes, from carefully perfected computer drawn characters to more artistic photographic designs. As these designs are not made for reproduction, or in everyday use, they can be as creative and crazy as they can – which we just love!

As this collection is only a fraction of all the great designs out there we’ve happened to come across, we’re asking you to send us your favorites! If you know a talented artist or just happen to know a great design, send a link with the appropriate credits to editor@designandpaper.com, and we’ll publish it.

Enjoy the eye candy!


Cardboard alphabet, a handmade modular system which enables the user to build each letter, capital, and lower case, out of 6 different basic shapes. By Antonio Rodriguez.


Office clip shadow alphabet. By Dave Wood.


This is one part of Croatian artist’s personal typography diary. A whole alphabet constructed of wild flowers. By Vladimir Koncar.


Folding paper to create an alphabet is a popular idea that never gets old. Fluorescent origami alphabet. By Emma Downing.

6a00d8341ca70953ef011571162c50970c-800wiPhotography based and industrial inspired typography. By Kalle Hagman.


Even though this one doesn’t show a complete alphabet, it was too clever for us to pass by. Made by using venetian blinds. By Andrew Byrom.


Elasticum is an experimental typeface made entirely of rubber bands. What a clever idea! By Nicolas Queffelec

6a00d8341ca70953ef0120a679fd15970c-500wiRevealing and hiding parts of a single wooden chair forms an unconventional alphabet. By Amandine Alessandrabuildingalphabet

Alphabet built by photographing buildings and the sky between. By Lisa Rienermann.1006891258742331

Clothing and accessories, painstakingly hand-drawn with pencil becomes a unique and delicate alphabet. By Stuart Whitton975021236993168

The brighly colorful Alphabirds! Perfect for children learning to read and write. By Andrea Kalfas.6a00d8341ca70953ef0115720ae3ca970b-800wi

The Patent is the most unique alphabet we’ve seen in a while – the entire alphabet is created using a single neon light bar, made in such a form that depending on how you hold it, it features a different letter of the alphabet. By BANK (Sebastian Bissinger & Laure Boer).

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