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TypoThursday × The Type Collective

The Type Collective is a project initiated by eight designers: Andrei Ogradă, Alex Beltechi, Felix Hornoiu, Vlad Neuman, Koma, Nicu Duta, Octavian Budai and Vian Peanu from Romania. The devotion and drive to form such a collective came from the notion that such a thing had not yet been attempted in their neck of the woods, so the eight creatives decided to join forces and make it happen. These are some talented guys, who pursue the passion they’ve got for the art of typography!

The original idea came together in the summer of 2012 when at eight guys met in Bucharest, it quickly developed into the collaborative effort it is today—an online playground dedicated to those who wish to experiment with typography and lettering. Only 9 months after the project started the collective had their first exhibition: The Collective Type 01, which was the first event in Romania exclusive showcasing design and arrangement of letters. With over 50 different works shown by the eight artists took place at gallery Nou9.

Since then they’ve had their second exhibition: 26 Characters, which rebuild the alphabet, all 26 letters redesigned in 26 different styles by 26 Romanian artists, illustrators, art directors and designers. The collection was also produced into a book. Since then they’ve collaborated with a local avant-garde clothing store Th Entrance Store, with an in-store exhibit IT IS WRITTEN and organised some typography and lettering inspired workshops.

tumblr_nanbcn94Xf1rarg9jo1_1280Stay by Vlad Neuman

Nowadays they update their website regularly with nothing but their own sketches, explorations and finished work. And if you want to keep up to date on their latest adventures, check out facebook.

My absolute favourite quote from a member of the collective, Koma once said in an interview: we resemble Wu-Tang Clan. We are many and each has a different personality. The mix of perspectives seems to work for us and we learn from each other. 

tumblr_njpqv4nJt51rarg9jo1_1280Like Sunday morning by Andrei Orgadătumblr_nfjd93xwv91rarg9jo1_1280


Meganic Burger by Vlad Neuman

tumblr_n8wnehz73V1rarg9jo1_1280The Calling by Kitrart

tumblr_n8t1k8TYuV1tgv643o1_1280Project imakeampersands by Vian Peanu

tumblr_n8c62anTyS1rarg9jo1_1280Bottoms up! by Andrei Orgadă

tumblr_n610vek7Cd1rarg9jo1_1280Suck my kiss by Andrei Ogradă

tumblr_n5b3mijoOx1rarg9jo1_1280When we come together by Andrei Ogradă

tumblr_n53gyklfvU1rarg9jo1_1280Smoot & Flirty by Tase Dan

tumblr_n4hm4cPWoX1rarg9jo1_1280Architect by Vian Peanu

tumblr_n07lyfyUtH1rarg9jo1_1280Candy numbers by Octavian Budai

tumblr_mwgj8iHpbG1rarg9jo1_r2_1280 TTC_Plot_Designist_0009The Type Collective & Friends: The Book

tumblr_mvfd8o9XZL1rarg9jo1_1280Serendipity by Felix Hornoiu

tumblr_mytw59v11T1rarg9jo1_1280Hey Stupid! by Vian Peanu

7b1c53e2bd21187fceb86efb19d2406fChemistry by Vian Peanu


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Images via The Type Collective

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