TypoThursday × Random Typeface by Emil Kozole


Do you remember Slovanian born, London based designer Emil Kozole‘s super cool Attitude typeface that was inspired by Japanise pop and American hip hop culture? Well, his new Random typeface is as imaginative and entertaining if not more. The uniquely expressive typeface features six alternatives of each letter and glyph that shuffle automatically and create random contextual combinations, creating a crazy yet stylish design perfect for headlines and logos.

The typeface explores the visual value of letters and extremes in forms. Unlike other typefaces it builds character with inconsistency. Little details in each letter and an overall proud attitude of the typeface are its main strengths that create seemingly effortless yet well curated randomness. With over 350 glyphs Random wants to prove that type can be a group of beautiful letters as a group or as individuals.

 © Images by Emil Kozole
Random typeface available for licensing via The Designers Foundry

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