The New Catching Feels Pergraphica® Colours Cube by Edinas Paper Includes an AR Experience

The successful Catching Feels campaign by papermaker Mondi, which introduced the new PERGRAPHICA® Colours to everyone last year in a unique and fun way, is taking a leap into the digital world. The campaign that was originally developed in partnership with Adobe Stock was first continued with a collaboration between Europapier Budapest and our favorite creative paper agency Edina’s Paper, when the team run by Edina Németh was tasked to design a Catching Feels Cube that took the viewer on a sensory journey through six feelings – an idea tied to the concept of the original PERGRAPHICA® Catching Feels lookbook. Now, the campaign takes another leap, back into the digital world, by introducing the deep colors of the PERGRAPHICA® range with a new Catching Feels Cube – the simplified edition.

Based on the creative stationery we designed especially for the ‘Catching Feels’ campaign to introduce Mondi’s PERGRAPHICA® Deep Colours, we decided to reach a wider audience to take the project one step further.

To truly capture the interest and feelings of viewers, an AR experience was created that extends the campaign back from analog to digital

Edinas Paper, a Hungarian creative agency for paper designs, installations, decorations, workshops, exhibitions, and anything imaginable involving paper, together with Europapier Budapest, has created a piece of stationery that is sure to stick in the minds of creatives of advertising agencies in Budapest.

To capture creative professionals interest – or shall I say “catching feels” – a design that includes an elegant UV-printed black box made of Pergraphica® Infinite Black that opens in a mysterious way was created, with inside it, a delicate, laser-cut mesh cube made out of Pergraphica® Stormy Grey, that includes all the ‘Feelings’ from the Catching Feels campaign. On each side of the cube, one feeling is highlighted, and to help it truly stand out against the grey, it’s made of Pergraphica® Euphoric Pink. To take the design one step further, and create an immersive experience for the viewer, an AR filter was created to extend the offline experience of the papers into a virtual reality that shows the imagery used in the original Catching Feels campaign.

“We wanted to connect this experience of being able to see and feel the papers, the colours, with an online experience, so that creatives could get to know the amazing images of the campaign. For this purpose we worked closely with a AR filter developers who are experts in extending the offline experience with a virtual reality.

The video above shows how the idea works, and how simple yet impressive the design is. You simply open the QR code with your phone, by pointing the camera at it, and your phone will then automatically open Instagram and show the feeling highlighted that you need to find on the cube. Once your camera is focused on it,  an AR experience begins, showing a cube made out of the photos and quotes of the ”Catching feels” campaign.

With this project, we wanted to emphasize that while we think that it is absolutely necessary to use digital and virtual solutions, yet the experience is much stronger when you connect it with an offline element that allows feeling the brand itself.

PERGRAPHICA® Colours is exclusively available at Europapier Group
Creative concept: Edinas paper x Europapier Budapest
Exclusive stationery: Edinas paper
Graphic design: Melinda Miklós
AR filter: AR
Lasercutting, UV printing: TCN sign studio
Photography: Lenke Kiss

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