Design & Paper Highlights of the Extraordinary Year 2020

Writing the title of this article, we must confess mixed feelings. But while 2020 has been a particularly difficult, challenging, and totally unexpected year, for sure it also brought good things into the world. And that is what we wish to focus on now, THE GOOD, and here are some things we are thankful for:

  • We did not stop living, despite all restrictions: we attended weddings and christenings online and felt joy, held Happy Hours on Microsoft Teams, attended webinars and online classes, visited online fairs, and came together as a global community.
  • We learned to focus on what we HAVE instead of what we WANT, found time for introspection, plans for the future, and – most important – found reasons to celebrate what we are thankful for.
  • Researchers developed a vaccine against Covid-19 in less than a YEAR when the previous record was set at 4 years.
  • Global Co2 emissions have dropped by 7% in 2020 and global pressure has intensified to make the climate crisis a global emergency. Go planet!
  • We did more sport – running, hiking, biking, walking – sports apps report 50% more activity than the previous year; found time for long lost hobbies – cooking, crafting, painting, knitting, decoupage – and spent more time with our loved ones.
  • At DESIGN&PAPER we have seen a +50% growth of our newsletter community – and we THANK YOU for following us every month, be it on our blog, in your inbox, or on our social media.

And lastly, here is a selection of our TOP 10 articles for 2020, which will hopefully bring you some joy, inspiration, and ideas for the coming year! 

We wish you a brilliant 2021, with more possibilities and freedom, and most of all – lots of health! 

Europapier’s New Design Papers Collection Has Arrived!

Every two years, Europapier releases a new Design Papers Collection which includes all our latest assortments, carefully curated in line with market innovations and fresh industry developments. Next to many assortment extensions, 6 new brands have been included. Many of these novelties belong to our Eco Papers Range which can be easily found in our swatches due to the newly created Eco Papers Logo. The 2020 Design Papers Collection is, as of yet, our…Read

64 Brilliant Paper Artists to Follow on Instagram

The world is full of creativity and inspiration if you simply know where to look. Instagram has become an important channel for creatives to share their work and build communities of like-minded people. Among the millions of users, there’s an unbelievable amount of creatives, designers, artists, and studios to discover from all around the world…Read

Love on Paper 2020 Calendar by The Letterist

Anja Savic, the founder of the design studio The Letterist (previously: The Letterist Translates Love Onto Paper) is a creative through and through. Besides sharing our unwavering passion for paper, Savic creates artfully designed, typographically inspired, wistfully worded and exceptionally crafted wedding and event stationery for clients across all continents. We were excited to see The Letterist embracing the new decade by celebrating a major milestone with fresh branding under a new tagline: “Love on Paper”, and kick things off with a bang, releasing…Read

A Sneak Peek: PERGRAPHICA® Colours Soon in Europapier’s Tinted Assortment

As you may very well already know PERGRAPHICA®– premium printing paper for perfectionists – which has been a valued part of Europapier’s Design Papers Collection since 2015. The range has grown beautifully in 2018, with the addition of PERGRAPHICA®…Read

Color STYLE Recycling – The Environmentally Friendly Eye-Catcher!

In line with the increasing demand for recycled paper, we are happy to announce that Europapier has now expanded the Color STYLE range to include new, colored natural paper and board made from 100% recycled fibers. Color STYLE Fresh – previously here – is the splash of color in the extensive Europapier Design Papers collection: a naturally dyed high-quality cardboard, impressive by its pleasingly soft surface, haptic experience, and converting performance…Read

DOT for YOU Teaches People to Love Analog Technology Again

Hungarian design brand DOT For YOU designs and manufactures one-of-a-kind paper stationery: planners, notebooks, copybooks, and more, for the joy of paper and notebook lovers everywhere. Founded in 2015 by Erika Baglyas, a successful contemporary artist, the brand has since grown its team with design theoretician and production manager Kitti Mayer, communication practitioner Barbara Németh and design graphic artist…Read

Eggellent Egg Packaging Design: Traditional vs Innovative

When we talk about egg packaging, most probably we all imagine the same type of pressed paper box with a lid and tiny molded cups inside for the eggs. The egg carton, which has become the industry standard was designed by Joseph Coyle of Smithers in 1911 in Canada when trying to resolve a dispute between a local farmer and a hotel owner over the issue of too many broken eggs during delivery. The design was later developed further into its modern equivalent…Read

Meet SH Recycling Grass & Kaffee Papier Recycelt: a Europapier Story about Sustainability

Ecology and making the world better are the terms on everyone’s lips. And we, in the paper industry understand that climate change, forests, water, and paper are interlinked and are working to have a positive impact. The raw materials…Read

26 of the Most Inspiring Business Card Designs

The original purpose and need of a business card is to represent their owner or brand, to their potential clients and customers. It not only acts as a visual representation of the brand, sometimes even providing the first impression, but is a way to spread the word about the business, and most importantly, give the contact information to interested persons. So however stylish and striking the design of the business card can be, it always needs to serve its fundamental purpose as a functional way to relay contact information…Read

Yupo® Stickers – a Great and Easy Way for Social Distancing in Shops

In the fight against Corona, social distancing has become the word on everybody’s lips. Most supermarkets, pharmacies, gas stations but also doctor’s offices and hospital shops have been converted and their spaces reanalyzed in order to keep both their staff and customers safe. A great way to do this is by using floor and wall stickers, to signal to maintain the proper distance and which areas are off-limits, to avoid the unwanted spread of the virus…Read

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