Best of 2019 & the Decade – A Walk Down Memory Lane

Since the launch of Design & Paper in December 2012, we’ve published over 1000 articles covering numerous topics and themes.  Over the past seven years, we’ve met an amazing number of talented individuals, and been blown away by the amount of creativity in the paper, design, and publishing industry. Having originally founded Design & Paper to share and celebrate our love and passion for everything design and paper, we could have never expected where this journey would take us.

2019 offered us an array of inspiring moments. Additionally, from discovering innovative paper designs, to taking part in educational industry events, and meeting creatives and their beautiful works on paper, we also saw the launch of the new design of the website, which was welcomed with praise, making us believe we’re on the right path heading into the next decade, and a new chapter of Design & Paper ready to be written.

But before heading into the new year with fresh ideas and aspirations, let’s take a walk down memory lane and remember and cherish the best and most liked moments of the past year, and decade. 


Design & Paper Redesign

Launched in 2012, the Design & Paper blog celebrates all topics connected to design and paper. We created it to share our passion for great design, creative papers, and printing with the paper-lovers community. Design & Paper also serves as an interactive platform for designers, artists, illustrators, printers, and crafters who are welcome to share their work with us… Read

French illustration artist Mlle Hipolyte creates incredible work with our favorite medium: paper. Her skill to produce sculptures out of intricately cut paper shapes is awe-inspiring. With a signature style of vibrant colors and lavish textures, her latest creation is a three-dimensional depiction of a multi-colored coral reef. The massive 2-meter x 1-meter piece titled Coralium was inspired by the current discussion of the state of the ocean, the fragility of the underwater ecosystem and the danger of losing it all due to global warming and rising ocean temperatures… Read

The freshly fallen snow of this morning reminded me of the pearlescent quality of Europapier’s Glamour papers. The elegantly stylish range includes six colors; Silver, Ice white, Snowflake, Cream, Champagne, and Blush. Glamour’s refined shimmering finish glitters delicately as the light hits it, in a similar way snow does. With a frosty ice-like quality, the texture of the paper is simultaneously luxurious and demure… Read

Today, for the first time ever, International Paper Flower Day is celebrated! The community of paper creatives and paper flower artists across the globe is wide, and diverse, and passionate above all. We originally founded Design & Paper to celebrate our love towards the magnificent and multifaceted material paper, and are thrilled to share this passion with so many others… Read

The stationery of a wedding is the first indication for the guest of what’s ahead. The save-the-date card or invitation sets the mood and often ends up being the keep-sake people save to remember the event by. So the amount of thought and work that is put in them comes as no surprise.

When it comes to the style and design of wedding stationery, there are the classics that never go out of style; off-white, calligraphy, floral patterns, and lace cutouts, but each season we see new exciting trends emerging that speak to the current taste and style… Read

Once a year Frankfurt Book Fair turns into the world capital of ideas and inspiration for every professional, publisher, book designer and enthusiast alike. Besides serving as the most important international trading venue for print and digital content – from novels and art books to scientific databases – the fair is a major social and cultural event… Read

Clouds and masses of black paper butterflies have taken over the Fondazione Adolfo Pini museum in Milan, covering the grand staircase, walls, doors, and mirrors. The life-size kaleidoscope of butterflies is part of the 10-year long series Black Cloud by Mexican artist Carlos Amorales and is part of his solo exhibition the Accursed Hour, currently taking place at the Fondazione Adolfo Pini… Read

Austrian artist Tillman Kaiser, born 1972 in Graz, is currently holding an exhibition in the main gallery of the renown Viennese art institution Secession. The exhibition, titled Im Dom, showcases Kaiser’s latest large-format pictures and sculptures in which he combines photography, painting, and graphics… Read

Studio Nur is a Budapest based graphic design studio founded by Eszter Laki, a renown Hungarian designer with numerous successful design projects under her belt. Familiar with her personal work, Studio Nur combines clean typography with hand-drawn details in their branding concepts, with the latest being a label re-design for a local winery; Skizo… Read

Poems In Black

Mondi, a global leader in paper and packaging, published an inspiring book and an online video highlighting their new uncoated tinted design paper Pergraphica® Infinite Black. Entitled “Poems in Black”… Read


Design Papers is a premium paper collection of Europapier, a leading paper merchant of Central and Eastern Europe. Produced every second year as a tool for designers, printers, and other graphic industry professionals, this year’s collection is the biggest in its history, in paper diversity as well as in size. Containing a mammoth amount of over 25o different paper qualities, the stylish box conceals within two swatch books split between six categories… Read

Best of 2019 & the Decade - A Walk Down Memory Lane

Here are ten great examples of incredible paper artists from Europe you should know. They bend and push the limits and expectations of a simple medium, with seemingly endless imagination and abilities to bring those ideas to life. Their work is intricate, sophisticated, deliberate and comes from passion and love for paper, whether they work with origami, sculptures, laser-cut or animation. Inspiring as well as exhilarating… Read


Best of 2019 & the Decade - A Walk Down Memory Lane

The newest edition of the Design Papers Collection by Europapier is designed by Metaklinika, an independent design studio from Belgrade whom we’ve interviewed for Design&Paper previously. Easily mistaken for a lovely retro candy box, the Design Papers Collection is an important tool for designers and printers alike and aims to not only be functional but to inspire and serve as a visual stimulus. The carefully curated collection gives the user a chance to look, touch and feel the paper samples in person… Read


Our Easter inspired Egg-cellent week continues with 20+ innovative egg packaging designs from around the world. The unique shape and fragility of an egg make it needy for specially designed packaging, to keep it safe and whole, from farm to table. Besides the traditional egg carton, a 100-year-old invention, evolution is inevitable, even in egg packaging design… Read


Best of 2019 & the Decade - A Walk Down Memory Lane

I love growing my own herbs in my apartment, what I don’t like so much is the potting, watering, taking care of the greens. Especially during the holiday season my poor plants are on death row. Swedish design studio Tomorrow Machine and Berlin-based INFARM teamed up and developed a clever and stylish indoor farming solution: With the help of the microgreen growing kit, it is no problem to cultivate fresh, local, organic, delicious greens right at home without bothering too much about them… Read


This DIY has been long in the making! I love the graphic look and simplicity, yet I’ve been hesitant to jump on the origami bandwagon. As the trend has been around for quite some time now and DIYs are getting more popular than ever, the internet is full of origami DIYs – one better than the other. But for some reason, today I felt like giving it a go, and share mine with you all… Read

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